martes, 11 de diciembre de 2018

Another year gone

This year I celebrated my 24th birthday ;) with my family and new friends enjoying my favourite cake at home and also a delicious Japanese lunch in London. Simple things, great things!

And on top of that I got the best ever presents, a family portrait, a visit to the Natural History Museum and the Charles Darwin's on the Origin of Species

Time flies, years pass by but I'm sure that there will be more stories to tell.

I got some blood under my nails, I got some mud on my face
I'm going grey and all my muscles ache
When I look in the mirror 
there's a few more lines staring back at me 
BUT I don't hate what I see 
I've kept my faith, I still believe
Not sure if god will bless this mess
BUT this mess is mine, it is MY mess 
I'm not old, just older, I'm still chasing dreams

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Ociore dijo...

Dí que sí, guapetón! Las cosas sencillas son las mejores. Un besazo enorme y felices 24 ;)